Deformation Monitoring Systems

Deformation monitoring is critical for the safe operation of any open cut mining operation where the risk of injury, or death, to personnel and financial loss is very real. Hindsight is always excellent in determining wall stability, but not very reliable in safeguarding people or property. Deformation monitoring systems, such as Leica GeoMoS, offer Geotechnical Engineers and Surveyors the opportunity to evaluate the long term trends in measurements of excavations, tunnels, and surface structures that may become unstable due to compromised structural integrity of the surrounding strata or external effects such as excessive vibrations.

Meridian Mining Services have a proven track record of installing and maintaining deformation monitoring systems, such as the system installed at the Handlebar Hill open cut mine near Mount Isa in Western Queensland. We have developed our own integrated remote power supply and radio communications modules, and we can customise these to suit our clients' individual requirements. Real time measurement of structures, excavations, or tunnelling can be achieved using a communication network to transfer data back and forth between the controlling computer and the measurement sensors. The received sensor data is then stored in a secure database and presented in a graphical format within the analysis software.

Custom built monitoring instrument shelter with independent power supply and data radio communication.
Meteorological sensor on a nearby weather station, used for wider environmental monitoring, also supplies real time data needed to correct long distance optical measurements.
Monitoring instrument on a pillar under shelter. This instrument pillar also doubles as a control pillar.
Graph of data indicating a decrease in slope distance relative to other prisms in the region three days prior to the wall failing.
Wall failure detected by the deformation monitoring system before the event actually occurred.