Stand alone weather station providing data for environmental monitoring, also used as a part of a deformation monitoring system.

Weather Stations

Environmental monitoring is critical to ensure compliance of mining operations with various Government environmental agencies. Robust sensors, communications systems, and remote power supplies are needed in order to provide reliable transfer of data from various sensors to a controlling computer for automated recording, visualisation, reporting, or alerts in cases when there are potential lightning hazards.

Meridian Mining Services have a proven track record of installing and maintaining remote professional grade weather stations, such as the Campbell Scientific ET107 station installed at the Handlebar Hill open cut mine near Mount Isa in Western Queensland. We have developed our own integrated remote power supply and radio communications modules, and we can customise these to suit our clients' individual requirements. Weather station data communication can also be integrated into an existing deformation monitoring system radio communication network in order to consolidate infrastructure and save costs, or integrated with another existing communication network if needed.